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r.randomwalk 2.0 User manual

by Martin Mergili


r.randomwalk is a flexible and multi-functional conceptual tool for backward- and forward-analyses of mass movement propagation. Mass points are routed from defined release raster cells of one to many mass movements through a digital elevation model until a defined break criterion is reached. Lateral spreading is ensured by a constrained random walk approach. Compared to existing tools, the major innovative features of r.randomwalk are:

  • multiple break criteria can be combined to compute an impact indicator score;
  • the uncertainties of break criteria can be considered by performing multiple parallel computations with randomized parameter settings, resulting in an impact indicator index in the range 0-1;
  • the results can be evaluated against observations and visualized (built-in functions to do so are available);
  • observed landslides can be back-analyzed to derive the density distribution of the observed angles of reach. This distribution can be employed to compute an impact probability for each raster cell.

Further, impact indicator scores and probabilities can be combined with release indicator scores or probabilities. Risk indicator scores can be computed if possible objects at risk are given.

r.randomwalk offers the possibility for exploiting the advantages of multi-core computers in order to reduce computational time and allows choosing inhowfar to use the GRASS Segment Library. It contains comprehensive functionalities for parameter optimization and model avaluation, based on reference observations, and for the visualization of the results.


r.randomwalk 2.0 runs on LINUX operating systems. It relies on GRASS 7, Python 3, and R.


r.randomwalk 2.0 can be easily installed through the command g.extension.


r.randomwalk 2.0 is most efficiently operated through shell scripts.


r.randomwalk 2.0 is very flexible with regard to input.


r.randomwalk 2.0 automatically creates raster maps, graphics, and other files.

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