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r.randomwalk 2.0 Training data

by Martin Mergili


r.randomwalk 2.0 is evaluated against well-documented real-world events. The events selected for model evaluation are collected from a diverse choice of study areas around the globe. This page provides selected training data sets which can be used to explore the functionalities of r.randomwalk 2.0 and the associated scripts. Release files and start scripts are available for all test areas in Mergili et al., 2015. GRASS Locations are provided for those test areas where the data may be freely distributed. Perform the following steps to run r.randomwalk for one of those areas:

  1. Extract the GRASS Location somewhere into your home directory and open GRASS 7.8 with this location.
  2. Save the release file and the start script into any place in your home directory. It is, however, important that both files are placed in the same directory.
  3. Within GRASS, use the command line terminal to change to the directory with the start script and the release file, and to execute the start script with sh [scriptname]. [scriptname] stands for the name of the start script of the corresponding test area. All results will be placed in the active GRASS Location (GRASS raster maps) or in the current directory (everything else).

With the given start scripts you can easily combine multiple simulations, and you should be able to reproduce the results presented in Mergili et al., 2015 (even though there will be some minor differences due to randomization). You may edit the start scripts in order to explore how changes in the parameter settings influence the model results and the computational times. Please refer to the user manual for details with regard to the flags and options.

Acheron Rock Avalanche, New Zealand

Prehistoric rock avalanche with a volume of 6.4 million cubic metres

Kao Ping Watershed, Taiwan

Mountainous watershed with numerous rainfall-triggered landslides

Gunt Valley, Tajikistan

High-mountain area susceptible to glacial lake outburst floods (GLOFs)

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