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Current version: r.randomwalk 2.0
Theoretical impact frequency of debris flows in the Fella Valley, Italy
What is the best strategy to predict possible landslide impact areas over large regions?
Smooth routing procedure ensured by control parameters
Which parameters are needed for efficient simulations?
Integrated landslide susceptibility index for the Schnepfau area, Austria, evaluated against observed landslides
How can we identify possible impact areas of future landslides?
Density functions of the angle of reach of observed landslides in the Kao Ping area, Taiwan
Why do we have to statistically analyze past landslide runout?
Impact indicator index for glacial lake outburst floods in the Gunt Valley, Tajikistan
How can we decide where to invest resources for detailed research?
r.randomwalk is a free and innovative software supporting experts in the explorative and broad-scale analysis of past and possible future impact areas of various types of gravitational processes.


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