The mass flow simulation tool


r.avaflow 2.0 User manual

by Martin Mergili


r.avaflow 2.0 represents a GIS-supported open source software tool for the simulation of complex, cascading mass flows over arbitrary topography. It empoys the NOC-TVD numerical scheme (Wang et al., 2004) along with a Voellmy-type model, or particularly with the Pudasaini multi-phase flow model with complementary empirical functions for entrainment and phase transformations. The starting mass may be defined through raster maps and/or hydrographs. r.avaflow 2.0 includes the possibility to explore multi-core computing environments to run multiple simulations at once as a basis for parameter sensitivity analysis and optimization.


r.avaflow 2.0 runs on LINUX operating systems. It relies on GRASS 7 and R.


r.avaflow 2.0 can be easily installed through a script provided along with the software.


r.avaflow 2.0 is most efficiently operated through shell scripts.


r.avaflow 2.0 can be run with a minimum of input, but also with a combination of various parameters.


r.avaflow 2.0 automatically creates maps, diagrams and animations, and offers interfaces for export.

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