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r.avaflow.direct Web interface

by Martin Mergili


r.avaflow.direct offers a convenient web interface for the preparation of r.avaflow 3 simulations. With its integrated manual, it guides users through the process step-by-step. Simulations are then run locally, either on Windows or on Linux, supported by automatically generated start scripts. Optional visualization interfaces are available for R (ground plots, profiles, diagrams) and Paraview (3D scenes) as well as Blender and Unreal Engine (3D scenes and virtual reality).

Please choose below your preferred software environment for r.avaflow. The C code used for the flow simulation is essentially identical in both releases. And, of course, all components of r.avaflow are fully open-source.

Many advanced users will prefer this version, which profits from its integration with GRASS GIS particularly in regard to the possibility to automatize simulation processes and to its efficient handling of large raster data.

r.avaflow 3W addresses users who want to try the software without bothering about Linux and GRASS. It offers almost the same functionalities as r.avaflow 3G, but is limited to small study areas due to less efficient handling of raster data.

If you have questions regarding the use of r.avaflow, please directly contact martin.mergili@uni-graz.at. However, be aware that r.avaflow is no commercial software, and the resources for support are extremely limited. Please carefully read the manual and consult the FAQ section before asking questions, and note that no support for basic issues on the installation of r.avaflow and its software prerequisites can be provided. I will try to react to all other support requests as quickly as possible, but please understand that I have various other responsibilities, so that my answers might be delayed.

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