The mass flow simulation tool


r.avaflow 2.4 Training data

by Martin Mergili and Julia Krenn


r.avaflow 2.4 is evaluated against well-documented real-world events. The events selected for model evaluation cover a broad range of process types - including process chains - collected from a diverse selection of study areas around the globe. Computer-generated landscapes are used to explore the plausibility of the simulation results for complex process chains where no or insufficient reference data are available. This page provides selected training data sets which can be used to explore the functionalities of r.avaflow 2.4 and the associated scripts.

Landslide-reservoir interactions

Generic case study where landslides impact a reservoir and the impact wave leads to the entrainment of the dam

Bell-shaped mound with different flows

Generic case study where flows of various compositions move down a symmetric bell-shaped mound

Acheron Rock Avalanche

Prehistoric rock avalanche on the South Island of New Zealand

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