How to install the software

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How to install the software

Post by labsabo » Wed 27. Jun 2018, 11:51

Hi i'm aya from indonesia. i want to ask about how to install r.slope.stability and to connect it to grass gis.? thank you.

i got this message when try to install. can somebody help me?
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Re: How to install the software

Post by mmergili » Tue 3. Jul 2018, 15:47


as I see, you were trying to install r.slope.stability on MS Windows. Unfortunately, the software only works with Linux at the moment. In order to use it, you have to install Linux (preferably Ubuntu 16.04 LTS), then install GRASS GIS and some other software (a script to do so automatically:, and then follow the instructions given in the manual to install r.slope.stability.

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