Using r.randomwalk on mac, ideally in QGIS

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Using r.randomwalk on mac, ideally in QGIS

Post by TamTam » Mon 12. Feb 2018, 00:24


i've found your r.randomwalk and I would love to use it in my research, however I am using QGIS on mac, and I honestly don't know where to start to make it work.

I tried to look online for some documentation about installing grass algos on qgis, but there is very little, and not very clear.

So I was wondering: have you ever tried to install this algorithm in qgis?
Do you have any suggestion about how to do it?

and alternatively: I also tired to install your algorithm on grass 7 on mac, but obviously your installation script does not work, because it is for linux.

Have you developped a version of it for mac, by any chance?

Or if not, do you have any suggestion, before I try to modify it?

Any idea, clue, hint would be more than welcome :-)

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Re: Using r.randomwalk on mac, ideally in QGIS

Post by matthias » Tue 13. Feb 2018, 11:23

Hey TamTam,
what did not work exactly when you tried installing r.randomwalk? It's mostly bash commands which should technically work on a OSX terminal as well.

Best regards,

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